Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Normal – 3 Successful Tips


Those who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, it’s tough to maintain a proper diet plan to lower the blood sugar levels. If you’re afflicted by high sugar levels, then I am sure that you would be leaving no stone unturned to cope up with this disease.

If you are determined to get rid of your blood sugar levels then follow these guidelines for a positive result.

Lifestyle change

It has been also observed that high blood sugars levels are not only an end product of consuming unwanted food products, but also caused due to unhealthy lifestyle. A little change in your routine can rip you off this worry. It’s also advisable herein to work out for sometime in the day. Eating healthy and nutritious food must never be compromised. It’s understandable that lowering blood sugar level is not the only concern but to maintain it is also important.


The kind of food you intake is one of the biggest impacts on your sugar levels. Till now you might have heard of eliminating carbohydrates, whether it’s starches or sugars from your diet, but we tell you it is not required to do exactly. Instead, try making healthier choices. For instance, eat brown rice instead of white, or brown bread instead of white bread. Another way to lower your blood sugar is by eating cinnamon. It efficiently reduces your blood sugar level, letting your stomach to act in an unhurried manner for the food you put in it. Just sprinkle cinnamon on the oatmeal each morning.

Green leafy vegetables are a good option because they are full of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Fruits eaten in the raw form are considered healthy as well. Water helps in lowering the blood sugars unlike anything else. If you have enough water in your system, your body will flush out the extra sugar along with the extra water. Drink it, it costs nothing.


Exercises can help you reduce blood glucose levels at a faster pace. Working out at a gym or a walk in the community park is exactly what we encourage. Regular exercise helps in insulin metabolism and in controlling blood sugar levels.


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Top 10 Natural Supplements That Prevent Diabetes


If you want to prevent Type 2 diabetes (the most common type), eat a healthy, low-fat diet and exercise regularly. Supplements that prevent diabetes will not work all by themselves. But they can help enhance your efforts for overall good health, as well as preventing Type 2 diabetes. Any supplement is medicinal. Ask your doctor before taking any. Follow the directions carefully and stop if you develop sudden side effects.

1. Selenium

This is the most popular and most studied of the supplements that prevent diabetes. It is almost slam-dunk diabetes prevention in rats. However, there have been conflicting reports about selenium’s effectiveness in people. Some people swear by it; others swear at it. If you eat a well-balanced diet all the time, then you will get enough selenium in your diet.

2. Chromium

This is one of the most expensive of the supplements that prevent diabetes. However, it is often included in multi-supplement formulas targeted to preventing diabetes. This is popular among bodybuilders, as chromium reduces body fat without cannibalizing any muscle. Anything that helps lower body fat is helpful for preventing diabetes.

3. Glucomannan

This natural supplement that prevents diabetes does so because it is a whopping dose of fiber that dissolves easily in water. Fiber is encouraged in diabetic diets.

4. Cinnamon

This is one of the most promising of the supplements that prevent diabetes. Cinnamon extract helps the body absorb sugar better. And it has a nice aftertaste. You should take a pill rather than the cinnamon found in the baking aisle.

5. Bitter Melon

Some scientific studies suggest that bitter melon helps what a body’s cells seek out, find and take in insulin. You need to take a pill of this in order to get the effects. You can not eat enough melons to get the required dosage.

6. Garlic

Yes, the vampire-repellent may also be one of the most economical and practical of the supplements that prevent diabetes. Garlic helps stimulate blood flow. This can react badly with some medications like blood thinners and birth control pills. Be sure to check with your doctor and pharmacist before taking garlic.

7. Magnesium

This is another trace mineral, but less expensive than chromium and usually a part of many multi-vitamins. Just how magnesium helps the body prevent diabetes is not clear. But many people with Type 2 diabetes also have low to non-existent levels of magnesium in their bodies. Coincidence?

8. Alpha Lipoic Acid

Despite the scary name, it is also one of the supplements that prevent diabetes. It is an anti-oxidant found naturally in food like tea, potatoes and spinach. You can also take extract pills. ALA seems to consistently lower blood sugar levels. You have to be vigilant that it doesn’t lower your blood sugar or iron levels too much.

9. Coenzyme Q10

This is one of the least studied and most controversial of this lot. It is only available in tiny portions in food. You would have to take a pill to get the effects. This reacts badly with blood thinners, high blood pressure medicines and cancer treatments.

10. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

This is one of the good kinds of fat, but how it works is unknown. It is naturally occurring in salmon, fish oil capsules and wheat germ. You can also get pills or liquid forms.


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Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss May Work By Decreasing Insulin Resistance


There are many natural aids for weight loss available. However, the honey and cinnamon tea for weight loss appear to be one of the more pleasant ones. Can this dynamic duo help one achieve a healthy weight? Many have claimed that a concoction of honey and cinnamon taken twice a day in the morning and in the evening is effective for losing weight. Apparently,there is some scientific truth to that claim.

Traditionally, honey has been used as sleep aid, to soothe a sore throat and even as aid to wound healing. But can it also help with weight loss? Some scientists believe that it does. It is a known fact that many people who are overweight also suffer from insulin resistance. This condition prevents glucose from being properly metabolized. When that happens it is very difficult to lose weight. Some studies have shown that subjects drinking a honey concoction for 30 days were able decrease their insulin resistance.

Honey has a 1:1 combination of glucose and fructose. It does not produce the spike in blood sugar that other sweeteners do. Thereby controlling insulin sensitivity. The more sensitized the cells get to insulin the less likely that insulin resistance will occur. The body then becomes more efficient at burning fat. It appears that honey can even reverse some of the signs of insulin resistance.

Cinnamon on the other hand has been extensively researched with regard to diabetes. One research study found that as little as half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day was able to lower blood sugar, in poorly controlled diabetics. Another study found that the components in cinnamon was able to lower and prevent insulin resistance.The appetite center of the brain has receptors for insulin, when someone is in a state of insulin resistance, most of the insulin cannot get to these receptors, the pancreas keeps putting out more and more insulin to bring glucose down and that keeps appetite high.

It looks like the combination of honey and cinnamon is able to offset some of the effects of insulin resistance Study patients who took the tea reported decreased appetite and experienced less carbohydrate cravings.. Insulin resistance is on the rise especially among women. Adding some honey and cinnamon to the diet could be a pleasant way to keep this condition in check and may well help with weight loss. Although there are many variations of this tea available, the basic recipe is quite simple.

  • 1 part cinnamon to 2 parts raw honey
  • Pour 1 cup boiling water over cinnamon and steep for half hour
  • Add honey after it has cooled
  • Drink half of the tea before going to bed and the other half in the morning

Because this tea may lower blood sugar, people with medical conditions will want to consult with their doctor.


Source by Joan Bernard

1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet Plan


Diabetes is bad, really bad and you can combat it with the 1800 calorie diabetic diet plan which keeps the blood sugar and glucose level low, speed up metabolism and help you to lose weight.

Know More About 1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet Plan

1. What is this diet all about

This special diet plan is designed to give you 1800 calories a day. Carbohydrates which come loaded with glucose, is largely eliminated from this diet. Instead of refined carbohydrates like white flour and sugar you will get natural carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and meat but in strictly measured quantities. You will lose weight on one hand and on the other your blood sugar level will be under control. Eat a cantaloupe instead of orange juice.

2. Burn on Your Diet

Burning up energy is essential for the 1800 calorie diabetic diet plan that would pull up your heartbeat. Do a lot of walking, jogging, cycling, indoor exercise bicycling, playing outdoor games and even dancing. When you discipline your calorie intake, drastically cut down on refined carbs and step up daily activity, you effectively keep a leash on your diabetes and also lose weight which often becomes a major headache for diabetics. Eat raw or cooked vegetables for a low carb and high vitamin dose.

3. Some tips for your tailored diet

When you have finally settled on following this diet plan you should take special care for a few things. There are some kinds of foods that contain empty carbohydrates which do not fill you up and make you feel hungry. Some favorites you should avoid like plague; white bread, bagels, potatoes, corn, white rice, sweet syrup, donuts, cakes and pasta. Instead eat low glycemic foods like vegetables, apples, oranges, grapes, milk, peaches, whole grain breads, high fiber cereals and yoghurt. You won’t get any fattening carbohydrates from these foods.

The thing about this diet is you get to eat all kinds of good stuff but in limited amounts. The 1800 calorie diabetic diet plan keeps your taste buds happy and your body slim.


Source by Katie A. Jones

Eat Sugar and Lose Weight!


I know what you’re thinking. “This guy must be completely crazy!” “He’s actually telling me that eating sugar will help me burn off excess body fat. How can that possibly be true?” Well, for starters, I’m not suggesting that you go hit your nearest ice cream shop and go to town on the largest size available. I also wouldn’t recommend wolfing down a couple snicker bars or anything even close to that. What I am talking about is a concept known as “macronutrient timing,” and in this article, I’m going to show you just how you can utilize it to help you lose weight by, yes, that’s right, eating sugar!

I hope that if you are trying to lose weight, in addition to your change in eating habits you are also exercising, and hopefully, part of that exercise is resistance training. If you are, keep reading. We’ll assume for example’s sake, that the type of resistance training that you are using is weight training. So, when you lift weights, and exhaust the muscles, you deplete the muscles with something called glycogen. Glycogen is the “fuel” that helps the muscles work. Your muscles get glycogen from eating sufficient amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day. Are you starting to see how sugar (a carbohydrate) can benefit you the weight trainer? Keep reading.

Here is an example: You just got done doing an intense chest/triceps workout (a common workout as part of a “split” routine). Your muscles are aching. You know that you need protein post workout in order to repair the damage that you did to your muscle fibers during weight training. You also know that it is best to take whey protein, and in shake form, since you want protein in your system as quick as possible, because you have a limited time to get that protein in your system for maximum absorption. So, you brought your protein powder with you in a cup, you run it under the faucet, mix the protein up, and slam it down. Nice job, but there is an even better way, and here it is.

If you would have added sugar to your post workout shake, you would have given yourself a lot more benefit, provided that you used the correct amount, and the correct type. You see, when you perform resistance exercises like weight training and therefore put micro tears in your muscles and at the same time, deplete your muscle’s glycogen storages, not only do you have to drink protein to repair the damaged muscle tissue, but you should also drink carbohydrates in the form of sugar to refill your muscles with glycogen; doing so will provide your muscles with a fuller, harder look, and will also help the muscles grow.

Ladies, don’t worry, you too can benefit from supplementing with post workout sugar. Let me explain. Any gain in lean muscle mass will help you burn excess body fat more efficiently, because the larger your muscles are, the more calories they will require in order to maintain their new, larger size. This means that your muscles will be dipping into your excess body fat, to use as fuel to sustain their size. Are you with me so far? Good. Supplementing your post workout shake with sugar will help your muscles grow, and therefore burn excess body fat! This is how sugar can actually help you lose weight. Oh, but there is one more thing… what type of sugar should you use?

The best type of sugar to use is called “dextrose.” Dextrose is usually sold at health food stores, and if you can’t find it at your local one, it is definitely sold online, for about $2 per pound. The price is definitely right. But why not just drink 100% juice and get sugar that way? Because the type of sugar found in fruit juice, called “fructose,” is lower on the glycemic index than a sugar like dextrose, which means that it is not digested quickly, does not significantly raise insulin levels, and therefore does not replenish glycogen stores quickly enough to take advantage of your post workout “window of opportunity,” which is when your muscles are primed for maximum absorption of nutrients.

“Table sugar,” called “sucrose” also wouldn’t do very well at replenishing your muscle glycogen, because sucrose is 50% fructose, and as you now know, fructose is not the ideal choice for building muscle and ultimately, burning excess body fat. So, unfortunately, you can’t stuff your face on Hershey bars after a tough workout and expect to grow new muscle tissue.

I hope you have a new appreciation for sugar and its positive effect on weight loss after having read this article, especially for those of you out there who think that carbs are “evil.” Don’t laugh, I have actually heard some people say that before! What it all comes down to is the type of sugar you decide to use, and how quickly after your workout you decide to use it. To sum it up, Dextrose is the type of sugar you want, and you’ll want to consume it as soon as possible after you finish up your workout, along with your protein of course. Please do use caution or possibly avoid this type of supplementation all together however if you have diabetes or are at risk for diabetes.

Yours in health,

James Hallmark


Source by James Hallmark

Jadera Weight Loss Supplement – Is it Effective?


Search any market in America, and you won’t find Jadera Weight Loss Supplements on the extensive list of fat burning pills. The reason being is that these diets pills are produced in Beijing, China. A dieter can certainly access the product from a small online market, and have them shipped from overseas. But is this pill really an effective method of weight loss?

Though the FDA does not regulate diet supplements in the U.S., you can pick up any bottle and scan a reassuring list of ingredients on the back label. However, no matter how extensive you research Jadera on the web, you are not likely to find exactly what fills these promising capsules. The huge selling point of this product is the ingredient daidai extract, a plant native to Yunnan, the kingdom of green vegetation. Other ingredients found in this product are cassia seed, coisis seed, and mulberry leaf. All of these ingredients are known for bowel cleansing, but none have ever been proven weight loss agents.

Conclusively, Jadera is more of a diet gimmick than an effective diet supplement. When searching for a resultant diet pill that offers more than a good colon cleansing, make sure you look for ingredients close to nature. Super food supplements like acai berry and resveratrol are some of the best products on the market. Combining these two supplements will nurture your body with rich antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids while aiding your weight loss goals.

Be wary of diet products from overseas. It is best to shop in local stores and online North American vendors where you have access to experts who know the products well and stand behind them. Always do your research before supplementing your diet with weight loss products. Lastly, check for any product recalls or warnings about specific ingredients in the product (as there have been many for products similar to Jadera).


Source by Renata Nyleve

Type 2 Diabetes – Is There an Easy Way to Lose Weight and Have Lower Blood Sugar Levels?


In September 2009, the journal Postgraduate Medicine published a study from the Center for Obesity and Research and Education at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. It covered Nutrisystem, an advanced weight loss program based on the glycemic index of foods and includes diet plans, food, and counseling for weight loss and type 2 diabetes. This program operates in the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Sixty-nine obese people with type 2 diabetes were included in this study. Diabetics were assigned to either a portion-controlled Nutrisystem (special) diabetes diet or a diabetes support and education program. After 3 months the volunteers receiving the support and education were changed onto the special diabetic diet. At that time the group on the diabetic diet lost a considerable amount of weight compared with the support and education group.

At the 3 months mark the group on the special diabetes diet also had greater reductions in their HbA1c percentage. For the second 3 months, both groups lost significant amounts of weight. During the second 3 month period the group that had switched to the special diabetic diet also had a significantly reduced HbA1c. Volunteers also lowered their cholesterol levels by 20.9 mg and their triglycerides by 42.7 mg.

From these results it was concluded people on this particular diabetes diet can be expected to have significant reduction in weight, improvement in their blood sugar control, and lower risk factors for heart and blood vessel disease.

Nutrisystem’s plan includes six small meals throughout the day to help to achieve lower blood sugar levels. Foods have been selected for their low-glycemic index.

Some main courses for dinner could include:

  • vegetable lasagna
  • vegetable fajita
  • vegetarian chili and
  • Italian herbal pizza

Breakfast menus:

  • peanut butter granola bars
  • cereals
  • blueberry muffins, and several others

And for lunch a few of the foods are:

  • black bean tortilla soup
  • black beans and rice
  • split pea soup, and
  • pasta parmesan with broccoli

Desserts and snacks include chocolate cake and walnut chocolate chip cookies, to name a few.

Also included in the program are various tools to help type 2 diabetics stay on track:

  • on-line chat rooms and message boards for peer support
  • on-line tracking devices to help diabetics to chart their progress in weight loss and body measurements
  • a food diary adds up the calorie count for the day
  • an exercise log adds up the number of calories burned for daily activities, such as vacuuming, walking or dancing
  • fitness articles from experts such as Leslie Sansone are also included
  • a free phone number for counseling
  • a newsletter provides daily weight loss advice

There are various plans available and the cost depends on the amount of weight that you need to lose. For those with 10 pounds or less to lose, there is a four week plan that is completed after 28 days. For people who want to lose more than 10 pounds, there is a plan for continuing until the goal is reached. This sounds good… a gourmet plan is also available.

There are many eating plans available for type 2 diabetics… as long as you follow one and lose weight, you will also find you will have much more energy, less diabetic complications, and stable, continuously lower blood sugars levels.


Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

Alpha Lipoic Acid Weight Loss: What Is It?


Many people have used alpha lipoic acid weight loss though it still is used for other purposes. But since we are only talking about weight loss, we shall only look at how it works in relation to weight loss. ALA as it is commonly referred is a fatty acid which is capable of dissolving in both fats and water. So you now understand that it has a connection to weight loss.

Where can you get ALA?

Contrary to what you may be thinking, ALA does not necessarily have to be found as a chemical. There are natural fruits that contain the nutrient in substantial amount. Liver, broccoli and spinach are among the foods that have been found to be rich in ALA. However, for those who believe more in convenient forms of nutrients, there exists supplements in the market that are rich in the nutrient. In fact, it is absorbed better when it is taken orally with water. However, be cautious when you go for the supplements because they at times are not what they claim to be. If you can get ALA in the natural form, well, it is far much better. In fact, if you would love to experience the numerous health benefits, try and take multivitamins rich in ALA as well as other nutrients like minerals and vitamins or even herbal extracts. Because besides helping in weight loss, ALA also has other health benefits.

How does it contribute to weight loss?

The tissues in the body often grab each and glucose that is taken through the blood system after meals. This is done using the insulin hormone. But after the meal, the insulin makes sure that no fat is delivered to our blood. That means that the body can not burn the excess fat and instead stores it. The reason the body stores it in form of fat is because the glycogen contained in our body is rather small hence it can only be stored in form of saturated fats. If this is not stopped, then we begin to add weight as the excess fats keep accumulating.

Hence the role of ALA becomes essential. It mimics insulin. Since the problems involved are about the little glycogen and accumulating fats, it comes in handy by increasing the transportation of glucose. This way, more glucose is directed into the muscles. At the same time, less fat is accumulated as a result. Another advantage is that ALA enhances the sensitivity of insulin making it easier to improve our body’s muscles and reduce fat, the very first step in weight loss.

Thus, if this sounds like the perfect weight loss plan for you, try eating foods that are rich in ALA. It also is quite convenient for those in body building since you will find more muscles begin to build up. But remember; go for the natural alpha lipoic acid weight loss. The supplements are a bit expensive and may contain side effects. In addition, I may just mention that it has benefits in regard to skin care, diabetes and liver health.


Source by M Edward

The Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet – Instructions For the Diabetic


Stanley Burroughs’ book The Master Cleanser or The Lemonade Diet even has a guide for diabetics. Here is what he says:

Diabetes is the result of a deficiency in diet (we can agree on this). The lemonade with molasses is and ideal way to supplement this deficiency. Directions must be followed carefully for the best results. The molasses supplies the necessary elements for the pancreas to produce insulin properly. As the elements are supplied to the pancreas, the amount of insulin take may also be gradually reduced ( please go over this with you doctor before trying).

The example is as follows:

On the first Day : Use a scant tablespoon of molasses to each glass of lemonade and reduce insulin by abut 10 units.

Daily from then on reduce the insulin as you increase the molasses to 2 full tablespoons per glass. When this has been reached the insulin can usually be eliminated and then replace the molasses with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup for each glass.

He does suggest to make regular checks on the sugar level in the urine and blood for safety sake to leave no room for fear and reactions.

It was his experience that many found they no longer had the need for insulin. How awesome would that be!

He also recommends to use organic lemons and blend a part of the skin and pulp in the lemonade for a further cleansing and as a hemostatic to prevent excess bleeding and to prevent clotting should the be any such existing condition.

As with the original recipe add the cayenne pepper to break up mucus in the body and increase warmth and to add vitamins B and C.

Adding Mint tea to further cleans, purify, and neutralize odors from the mouth and body released by the cleansing process.

Take this to your doctor to see if the plan can fit your conditions.


Source by Karen R Cook

Type 2 Diabetes – Gastric Bands or Non-Surgical Care for Lower Blood Sugar Levels and Weight Loss


The question of whether to have lap band surgery or to manage Type 2 diabetes without the procedure, could be just a matter of personal preference. That was the conclusion researchers made at the end of a study reported on in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in April 2015.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, compared the two approaches in forty Type 2 diabetic participants. The participants…

  • ranged between 21 and 65 years of age,
  • were obese, and had
  • HbA1c levels of 6.5 percent or higher.

The Type 2 diabetic participants were randomly assigned to the surgery group or the group treated with medications and an intense weight loss program. At the end of one year more surgical patients reached acceptable blood sugar levels, but the difference was not statistically significant…

  • both groups had about the same improvement in their HbA1c control.
  • systolic blood pressure (top number) was better with non-surgical care, but diastolic blood pressure (lower number), blood fats, fitness, and the risk of heart disease were the same in both groups.
  • both groups reported improvement in their perception of the impact of weight on their quality of life and problem areas in diabetes.

From these results, it was concluded diabetes control, heart disease risk, and patient satisfaction were the same in both groups, and suggest personal preference might be an appropriate deciding factor in choosing treatment. They also suggest longer studies might uncover differences that could emerge after the first year.

Lap Band Surgery entails inserting stomach bands. Surgeons work through small cuts in the abdomen, minimizing scars and healing time. A camera is inserted so the surgeon can see the stomach… a ring is then placed around the stomach. Four to 6 weeks later the band is inflated with a solution of salt and water. When inflated the band keeps the top of the stomach partly closed, so appetite, eating, and weight decreases. As in any surgery, bleeding, infection, and untoward reaction to anesthetic are all possible – but rare. Blood clots can form in the legs and travel to the lungs. Gallstones and malnutrition are also risks.

Non-surgical medical care for high blood sugar levels usually commences with the oral drug metformin, and other oral drugs can be added, or maybe even replace it altogether. A carefully supervised weight loss program means coaching from medical, dietetic and nursing staff and sticking to a sensible eating and exercise plan. This method has fewer risks but for some Type 2 diabetics, can be more difficult.


Source by Beverleigh H Piepers