Type 2 Diabetes – The Two Types of Goals You Must Have to Help With Weight Loss


Type 2 diabetes is not inevitable although it’s possible to go from “normal” to developing Type 2 diabetes without even knowing it. There are things you can do to avoid it, or at least slow it down significantly. A healthy diet, increased physical activity and weight loss are the most effective and preferred means for correcting this condition.

Is weight loss part of your Type 2 diabetes prevention plan? If so, how should you go about it? What goals should you set? When it comes to setting goals, perhaps you have heard of the SMART goal setting process. This particular goal setting process means…

  • your goals are specific,
  • they’re measurable,
  • they’re attainable,
  • they are realistic, and
  • have a timeframe for when you hope to accomplish them.

Any goal you set should follow these principles. If your weight loss plan doesn’t have these objectives, they need to be in place to help you lose weight effectively. Using the SMART goal setting process also means you focus on setting two different types of goals. Not setting the two distinct target types is where many people go wrong: just setting outcome goals means the element of the process is entirely overlooked.

Let’s go over what both of these are so you can be sure they’re in place in your weight loss plan…

1. Outcome Goals. The first type of goal is the outcome goal. The outcome goal is basically what you hope to achieve when everything is said and done. What you want your end goal to be.

Usually, it’s something like…

  • losing 10 pounds,
  • fitting into a size 5 dress, or
  • lowering your blood sugar and blood pressure to a safe range.

It’s something very definite. Something you achieve and that’s that.

2. Process Goals. The second type of goal you need to use is process goals. These are the ones most people neglect. Process goals are the goals you set on the way to achieving your outcome goal.

For instance, let’s say your outcome goal is to lose 10 pounds. A process goal to losing 10 pounds may be consuming eight servings of vegetables each day for a week. By reaching this process goal, you’ll be one step closer to your outcome goal.

Essentially, process goals are short-term goals and relate more to what you are doing rather than what you are looking to achieve.

When you make proper use of process goals, you will find your motivation to continue working towards the outcome goal becomes higher, and you may not get as discouraged with your weight loss plan.

So take some time and set process goals to go with whatever outcome goal you already have in place. It will make a big difference to your long-term weight loss and lower blood sugar results.


Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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Diabetes Diet Tips – Daily Schedule Example


Diet for diabetics starts with controlled and scheduled meals. Scheduled meals are actually the same as a regular daily meal.

06:00 am – 07:00 am: Breakfast, best to do after a light cardiovascular training like jogging or morning walk.

10:00 am: Midday snack, fruit is suggested.

12:00 am – 13:00 am: Lunch.

15:00 am: Evening snacks (fruits).

18:00 am – 19:00 am: Dinner.

Fruit is a must have snacks to reduce hunger. Diabetic is utterly depended to fruit because vitamin and minerals in fruit could fix cellular damage due to high sugar level.

Juice is prohibited because fiber is important. A whole fruit will expand in three hour in the stomach, which is why it must be consumed three hour before each meal so that the next meal will have fewer portions. Fiber is also important to reduce blood sugar level in the body.

What kind of foods are strictly prohibited?

Diet for diabetic still recommends people to have main meal per day, but be extremely careful about snacks. For the carbohydrate sources in each meal, sorted from the best to the least are whole grain, potato, corn, and rice. The worst carbohydrate source is white grain.

Food made from white grain is strictly prohibited, example of white grain food are noodles, macaroni, white bread, and white pasta. Other foods that should be avoided are high sugar food such as soda and creamy desserts.

Menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner have to complete daily nutrition value. For example, breakfast with whole grain bread, eggs, and orange juice. It is recommended to remove egg yolk. For lunch and dinner, vegetables in salad should be plenty. Choose only one kind of meat for protein source (chicken, beef, or fish) and add vegetarian protein source such as tempeh or tofu.

As for meat, choose carefully, you should choose meat with minimum fat like chicken breast fillet and headless fish. Vegetarian protein source is recommended because it has a certain enzyme to reduce blood sugar level in our blood.


Source by Akhmad R. Anggoro

1200-1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet Plan – Tips For an Easy Diabetic Diet Menu, Help Decrease Diabetes


A calorie controlled diet enables you to take control of your daily intake of calories. So I am sure you can realise that a 1,200-1,800 calorie diabetic diet plan will enable you to take full control of the amount of calories you take in each day and ensure that the amount lies between 1200 and 1,800.

The benefits of having a 1,200 – 1,,800 calorie controlled diabetic diet

You can control your sugar levels in your blood stream.

Control your weight, if you need to lose weight or gain weight this is a great way of doing so.

Helps you to maintain a controlled diabetic diet which will effect your diabetes and enable you to benefit from having more control over your diabetes.

There are several ways to benefit from using this type of weight control methods and they help to control your diabetes. The key to any calorie controlled diabetic diet is balancing out the different food supplements needed to maintain a balanced diet.

One of the most important being carbohydrates, carbohydrates are the main source of Glucose which is your body’s main source of energy.

In a diabetic plan the overall aim is to have a balanced diet which enables you to control your diabetes. The main ingredients in the balanced diet are Carbohydrates, protein and fat. The overall idea is to keep your diabetic plan balanced, do not take an excess of fat as this could lead to excess weight and obesity is the number one cause of diabetes, so ensuring everything is balanced is essential.


Source by Will Blears

Diabetes Diet Nutrition Tips For Diabetics


If you are looking for ways to control your diabetes by using diet then there are several things you should keep in the front of your mind. Consuming large amounts of vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates is always a good thing and can help reduce your blood glucose levels. If you are looking for certain, foods that are good to include in your diabetes diet nutrition guidelines then it is good to consider foods such as whole wheat’s, and chicken to start with.

Once you have, the basics covered foods such as fruits and salads are another great idea to choose from. You can also include items such as hamburgers, and deli sandwiches. If you are drinking milk then you should only drink low fat or fat free milk. It is never a good idea to drink whole milk because of the fat content included. Yogurt that you eat should also be low fat or sugar free.

When you are eating, it is generally a good idea to eat slowly, and ensure you do not over eat. Start by eating smaller portions and waiting at least 20 minutes before eating seconds. This will help reduce your calorie intake and ensure that you are truly enjoying your food. If possible, try to avoid eating in front of the television as this can increase the amount of food you consume. If you need something for background noise, then you should consider listening to music instead of a television.

Other considerations for diabetes diet nutrition include ensuring that you are closely watching how may calories you are consuming. If you end up gaining weight then you are going to put yourself at risk of heart disease. If you do not monitor your weight then it is very difficult to control your diabetes.

You should always look for recipes for food that is high in fiber and low in fat. Always try to use sugar supplements rather than using anything that is actual sugar. Using actual sugar can really upset your diabetes diet and throw off your glucose levels quite quickly. If you are looking to really stay on a good nutritional track, you should look towards water and other similar beverages so that you can control your eating as much as possible without overeating.

It is important to remember, diabetes Type I is not affected as much by the foods that you consume. It is only Type II that you can change greatly by your dietary habits. This means if you have Type II diabetes, it is especially important to watch your diabetes diet nutrition plan to ensure you are eating as healthy as possible without missing out on the vital nutrients that help you control your blood glucose levels.

Always make sure you discuss your diet with your doctor to ensure you are closely monitoring your blood glucose levels. With glucose levels that are out of line you will notice your diabetic symptoms flaring up. If you are looking for the best relief possible from a diet then you really should ensure you are eating as many carbohydrates as possible. Without the necessary carbohydrates, you are not going to be able to ensure you are eating properly. Remember, if you have questions you really need to discuss the questions regarding your diet with your doctor.


Source by Antoinette Boulay

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